1039 Coney Island Avenue

Type: Mixed-Use

Alteration Type: New Building

Architect: Dome Architecture Design & Engineering

Use: Commercial & Residential

This Project sits on a major intersection in Brooklyn between Coney Island Avenue & Foster Avenue. There were many challenges faced with this project. The previous site use was a gas station where Promont was brough in to manage a massive OER Procurement and abatement. With TA approvals, complex DOT OCMC due to heavy traffic interest ion, DOE & SCA Approvals for adjacent school building with kept the project going. During the Pandemic of 2020 shutdown we were approved for Essential work because when it comes to Promont, we find solutions to every roadblock, quite literally.

Teamwork and communication go a long way on challenging projects with critical deadlines and budgeting. Promont successfully reached their schedule on time and under budget. With an expert Value Engineer on our team Promont successfully saved the building owner nearly $3 Million dollars in construction savings while still ensuring the structure health and aesthetics. This corner 6 story multi-family building in a budding gentrifying neighborhood has all the amenities’ tenants will appreciate; large apartment space with private terraces, subcellar parking, floor to ceiling windows, recreational spaces and a fitness center.