106 North 3rd Street

Type: Mixed Use

Alteration Type: New Building

Architect: Michael Muroff Archirects DPC

Use: Residential & Commercial

Constructing a ground-up 6-story building, attached on both sides, amidst a modernizing gentrification bustle and a pandemic shut down was not an easy feat. Capturing the design complexities, adjacent property protection, DOT street occupation and the unexpected shut down during the 2020 Covid Pandemic, Promont found a way to keep the job moving safely and efficiently.

Near the East River in Williamsburg, 106 will be a midrise apartment building with scenic views of the river and Manhattan to the east. Centered between Greenpoint and South Williamsburg this location is what we call “coveted” in the real estate market. This area has some of the most beautiful and upscale landmarked residential brownstones along with the blend of a new modernized village catering to commercial, retail, marketplaces, music, bars and entertainment.