1625 Putnam Avenue

Type: Residential

Alteration Type: Renovation

Architect: Steel Core Engineering

Use: Residential

After being ravaged and gutted by a fire and a decade worth of neglect, this building had imploded into the cellar with the facade standing unsupported. Of course, demolition was an option, but an expensive one and one that wouldn’t work for any potential developer.

Promont set about to get a “Means and Methods” plan that make the renovations feasible. We crafted an approach that allowed us to replace the floor decks while maintaining the structural stability of the facade. After a few short months the building was fully stabilized and the facade looked like it had just been built. The developer went on to fully renovate the building beautifully and did very well financially. We were delighted that we were able to take a turn on this project from losing to making profit.