East Flatbush

4600 Glenwood Road

Type: Institutional

Alteration Type: Major Alteration

Architect: SWA Architecture PLLC

Use: Family Shelter

In dire need of housing for homeless families, the City accepted our client’s bid to fill the need with a new 200-unit building—if it could be built, ground up, within 13 months.

A combination of tight scheduling and rigid guidelines made it more important than ever to define the most efficient processes of completing this project.
With its larger-than-usual footprint and terrible soil characteristics we were able to forego an extended foundation phase. Instead, we drove almost 400 timber piles into the ground. This method allowed us to start on the structure weeks ahead of schedule.
From there, we built steadily upward, erecting a three-story complex with an inviting, uplifting aesthetic. As for schedule? From breaking ground to delivering the project was 13 months to the day.
We’re proud to have brought over 800 people home to build their own lives upward too.