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A Message from | our President and CEO

Since building our first condo project in 2000, we’ve grown to complete scores of high-rise developments and retail outfits, earning a reputation as one of New York’s leading GC firms.

Naturally, people now ask me what kind of projects we excel in. Do we exclusively build ground-up? Do we have a 100-unit minimum? Do we work best in retail, residential, commercial?

I like to answer that we excel in being on the same page.

Whether you are raising an office tower in Brooklyn or a retail complex in Westchester, being on the same page means communicating clearly before our work together and collaborating closely all along.

It means genuinely understanding your end-to-end vision—your goals, opportunities, limitations and expectations—to deliver consistent and creative strategies at every stage. It means thinking of faster, safer, more efficient ways to solve unexpected roadblocks with complete respect for your timeline and budget. From gut-renovating a historic high-rise while preserving its 12-story facade, to overhauling a flagship Midtown retailer with just one day allowed to close, our experienced team values every minute, considers every option and works with you for the long-term success of your development. As developers ourselves, we love taking construction to new places and skylines to new heights. We look forward to bringing that passion to your next project.

Marty Waisbrod, Founder and CEO

The Team

Meet the team of people that believe in solving any problem

Marty Waisbrod

President & CEO

Israel Lerner


Pre-construction, Bidding & Estimating Team

Eitan Lev

VP of Estimation &
Eitan Lev joined Promont in December 2019, as a bidding and estimation specialist. He works closely with owners, architects, engineers, vendors and project managers to ensure that future and ongoing projects are completed in a timely manner and on budget. Renowned for cultivating client relationships and providing exceptional service, Eitan is a rare professional. Eitan’s background as a licensed real estate agent and an experienced property manager, where he developed many essential skills. Previously, he was responsible for overseeing the maintenance of over 400 single-family properties. Eitan is described as positive and easygoing with a good sense of humor. He is eager to continue to learn and grow in the construction field. He has a great ‘can do’ attitude and is strongly focused on providing clients with all of their business needs. In his free time, Eitan enjoys various hobbies including photography and travel.

Chaya Gombo

Director of Development, Bidding & Client Services
Chaya Gombo personifies the corporate overachiever. Need an estimate in a hurry? A bank requisition sent out yesterday? Count on Chaya. Chaya expertly prepares estimates by obtaining quotes from subcontractors and selecting the most qualified, cost effective bids. Chaya’s day revolves around seeing to clients’ needs in all aspects of budgeting, billing, construction financing, and bank requisition. Her expertise, passion and tenacity ensure the financial elements of every project are handled meticulously and with certainty.

Senior Construction Executives

Yossi Kopfstein

Executive Vice President

Construction Operations

Molly Rotberg

Director of Operations
Molly Rotberg began her career in construction as an expeditor in 2014 and has climbed the industry ladder in design coordination, development planning, site mobilization and maintenance, safety compliance and full internal and field operations management. Molly coordinates the initial intake of projects and projections as well as the implementation and coordination from inception to close-out. She is both a visionary leader and a team player. You’ll find her reviewing plans, expediting approvals and permits and analyzing internal QA & Site Inspections. Her phone is the one you call with all city agency issues and roadblocks, and she somehow manages to overcome all obstacles. In strategizing innovations and solutions with clients, Molly has made an impact in the Sustainability & LEED community. In an industry that has finally begun to take carbon emissions seriously, Molly has brought her experience, knowledge and network to the table.

Adina Banayan

Sustainability Manager & Junior Architect
Adina S Banayan, Assoc. AIA is the Jr Architect and Sustainability Manager for Promont's Development and Construction Group. She also works in Promont's sister companies: Latitude Compliance (ESG + Local Law 97 Compliance) and Smarcon (BIM Coordination). She graduated from Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture of CCNY with a double major in architecture and studio art, focusing on urban planning, sustainability, and climate change governance. Adina is a proactive professional that takes the initiative to be a part of the sustainable, regenerative and interactive future of architecture and construction. She volunteers for the Open Air Collective, advocating for net-zero and negative emissions local policies, and is on the AIA WHV Sustainability Committee.

Financial Team

Shlomo Rotenberg

Born in England, Shlomo Rottenberg began his accounting studies in high school. Discovering his passion for the Accounting industry, he went on to receive his degree and CPA certification. Shlomo began his career as a controller for JCM, a non-profit, and continued on to auditing and controlling financials. Recognized for his skills and talent, Shlomo was brought in to Promont as CFO. In his time here he has made an impact with his expertise in financial authority and management.

Tehila Bresler


Manny Waisbrod

Business Development

Moischi Schmerling

Financial Coordinator & Accounts Receivable Debt.

Shulamit Kishik

Insurance Risk
Management Coordinator

Tzippy Weisberg

Financial Coordinator, Accounts Payable Debt. & Subcontractor Care Services

Project Manager

Aron Globerman

Project Manager

Joel Perlstein

Project Manager

Site Manager

David Lugo

Site Manager

Eli Gombo

Site Manager

Jimmy Grunbaum

Site Manager

Josh Jacobson

Site Manager

Shia Hayum

Site Manager

Shlomo Shapiro

Site Manager

Yeedle Shaingarten

Site Manager

Yitzy Feldheim

Site Manager

Yosef Blau

Site Manager

Victor Jovel

Site Manager

Design Team

Yosef Blaustein

VP of Sales

Kris Welshman

Senior BIM Coordinator/Technology Innovations Coordinator

Luis Rojas

Chief Technology Officer

Fraidy Spira

Senior Design Coordinator &
BIM Designer

Rachel Wiener

Interior Designer and

Fayge Lipschutz

BIM Designer