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1475 41st Street

1475 41st Street



After being gutted by a fire more than four decades ago and being vacant since then without a roof, this building was in the worst structural shape we’ve ever seen. This structure was so bad that the NYC DOB finally got a court order to demolish the building. Demolishing this building would have rendered this lot useless and would have caused a huge loss to its owners. The owners contacted Promont, but before we can sign the contract we need to prove to the entire DOB team that we can still save this building. Promont met with all the executives in the DOB, both legal and engineering and after showing them our earlier success (some of which they were acquainted with) they agreed to let us do the work and put the court order on hold. The next part would be harder…


Promont started the process by hiring a means and methods engineering firm that we have worked with in the past. We devised a plan that ultimately was approved by DOB engineering and set out to make it happen. We were 100% successful in our execution so much so that NYC DOB removed their court order and the building now waits it’s final design after being fully restored from a structural standpoint and will eventually still get an additional two floors on top of this structure.

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