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From planning to coordination to execution, Promont provides the results, resources, and innovations to seamlessly plan and manage even the most challenging construction projects.


Know that your project will be skillfully and efficiently planned with our expert team. First, we thoroughly assess, research and analyze the conditions of the site, zoning advantages, FAR and more. We develop a proper and profitable purpose-use for the land or existing building. Then we coordinate and assist with vetting, hiring and managing surveyors and designers for all trades. All designs are inspected by our experienced specialists to ensure they are buildable and up to code. From inception to city approvals and permits, we support you through every step of the process.

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Rely on our experience, resources and attention to detail to guarantee that your project is constructed in the best way possible. As a licensed General Contractor we take on the responsibility to sustainably build the proposed design according to plan. We hire, manage and maintain all site related requirements including bidding, estimating, hiring labor, acquiring materials and more.

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Depend on our expert managers to seamlessly coordinate all aspects of your construction project. Project Managers, Site Managers and APMs are designated specific sites to manage and coordinate. Our teams on site handle the budget timelines, scheduling and deliveries as well as all Government Site Requirements. (DOB, DO, DEP, DOH, OSHA, FDNY, SCA, MTA, LPC, OER etc.) Design RFPs and Amendments are dealt with as well. CM Teams ensure all safety regulations are adhered to, and coordinate daily talks and meetings for trade subs, owners and designers.

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Access the latest technology with our design team at Smarcon, a Promont company. Using BIM technology, we build comprehensive 3D models merging all trades into one all-inclusive model. Building Information Modeling provides thorough visuals on clash plans with the ability to re-design errors, avoiding loss of time and money during the construction process. 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D renderings are available as well.

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Smarcon’s 3D modeling services cover each and every discipline that your construction will need. Using technologies like Autodesk Revit, we can design a fully interactive 3D model of your project before construction has begun. With a 3D model from Smarcon you’ll be able to examine every architectural and structural aspect.

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Our Clash Detection services ensure that every possible bump in the road of your project is smoothed out. Using BIM tools, we create 3D models that integrate every aspect of the building, making it easy to see what possible clashes may exist in the design, and where they are exactly in the building. We review the complete model to ensure all pipes and ducts are in a place that can work for installation so that the construction process will be seamless.

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Once a 3D model has been determined clash-free, we issue comprehensive and dimensioned shop drawings to facilitate construction and installation. These are often 2D drawings but may also include 3D elements. The coordinated plans clearly tag each duct and pipe size, dimensions and at which elevation they should be installed. Our shop drawings are instrumental to prefabricated elements but are also used as diagrams for custom-fabricated elements.

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4D Scheduling, or the fourth dimension of Building Information Management, involves the integration of the actual construction schedule into the mode. This allows all involved parties to more accurately compare the real-life construction to the estimated completion of the model. 4D modeling creates greater visibility of what elements have been completed and which have not yet been addressed, increasing productivity and reducing time wasted.

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It can be difficult to estimate the costs of a construction project; this is why 5D budget modeling is a crucial aspect of BIM. BIM models integrate all elements of a project before construction even begins, including materials and their volumes, unit pricing, and quantity calculators. 5D budget modeling allows for much higher accuracy in estimates of the amounts of materials needed, preventing over-buying and reducing total cost. With 5D budgeting, you’ll achieve a new level of understanding of projected budget items, allowances, and fixed costs.

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Utilize VR technology to make your project accessible and interactive. Join all teams and project stakeholders to experience a real-life view of your model design. Gain a shared understanding of the project between all involved parties. Use specialized VR glasses and controllers to effectively visualize and communicate all real-time designs and apply interactive changes.

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Bring your project to life with realistic immersive scenarios. Walk through the actual site and view in real time what will be constructed in each area. With AR Technology designs can be transferred onto a portable device like an iPhone or iPad, with the ability to target all the dimensions of the proposed structure. showing designs in real-time. Multiple trades are outlined in one space avoiding construction errors and delays. Aside from being a useful tool for builders and subcontracts, the 3D real-life model walk-throughs can provide tours for stakeholders and clients, giving a realistic idea of what a building would look like before it’s built.

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Our specialists select all finishes including flooring, wall coverings, lighting and create a full spec book for the individual project. We then create lifelike renderings based off of our design and can provide virtual walkthroughs and videos of the project before construction has begun. Realistic renderings make it easy to show involved persons just how beautiful your project will be, they are great for advertisements, future project inspirations, and are entertaining all on their own.

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No need to struggle with unrealistic ideas and designs. As builders and designers, our professional team offers unparalleled designs that are both contemporary, beautiful, sustainable and cost effective. With the complete interior design from CAD drawings to full BIM renderings we provide comprehensive space planning, design layouts and floor plans, specs and FFE in addition to custom framing, art and furniture. Each project is designated to a team dedicated to their unique needs, timelines, budgets and ideas. Our excellent communication and reliable implementation enables a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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Ensure your compliance with our Sustainability Compliance Program. This multifaceted service tackling NYCs most aggressive carbon emissions legislation is provided by Latitude Compliance, a Promont company. We enable building owners and managers in NYC to understand and comply with all ESG related matters, especially Local Law 97. Depend on our team of seasoned experts in all areas of compliance to provide seamless, highly efficient solutions for energy, compliance and retrofit.

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