Eitan Lev
Estimating & Bidding Coordinator

Eitan Lev joined Promont in December 2019, as a bidding and estimation specialist. He works closely with owners, architects, engineers, vendors and project managers to ensure that future and ongoing projects are completed in a timely manner and on budget. Renowned for cultivating client relationships and providing exceptional service, Eitan is a rare professional.

Eitan’s background as a licensed real estate agent and an experienced property manager, where he developed many essential skills. Previously, he was responsible for overseeing the maintenance of over 400 single-family properties.

Eitan is described as positive and easygoing with a good sense of humor. He is eager to continue to learn and grow in the construction field. He has a great ‘can do’ attitude and is strongly focused on providing clients with all of their business needs.

In his free time, Eitan enjoys various hobbies including photography and travel.

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