Molly Rotberg
Director of Operations

Molly Rotberg began her career in construction as an expeditor in 2014 and has climbed the industry ladder in design coordination, development planning, site mobilization and maintenance, safety compliance and full internal and field operations management.

Molly coordinates the initial intake of projects and projections as well as the implementation and coordination from inception to close-out. She is both a visionary leader and a team player. You’ll find her reviewing plans, expediting approvals and permits and analyzing internal QA & Site Inspections. Her phone is the one you call with all city agency issues and roadblocks, and she somehow manages to overcome all obstacles.

In strategizing innovations and solutions with clients, Molly has made an impact in the Sustainability & LEED community. In an industry that has finally begun to take carbon emissions seriously, Molly has brought her experience, knowledge and network to the table.

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