2085 Ocean Parkway

Type: Institutional

Alteration Type: New Building

Architect: Building Studio Architects

Use: Community Facility/ Religious Center/ Synagogue / Mikva


A valued parcel of land on the corner of one of Brooklyn’s most attractive avenues, 2085 Ocean Parkway remained empty and untouched for over 15 years. Promont, brought in to evaluate if the idea of building one of Brooklyn’s most magnificent synagogues was even a possibility. Where many contractors had walked away under threee prior attempts to get the building built, Promont’s focus was to bring the vision to fruition. The biggest challenge we had was how to de-water the excavated site, since the area was sloped on a high-water table. Promont hired expert engineers to create functional methodology for this massive de-watering operation; to which was applied and successfully completed.


Promont went to work on first getting the de-watering situation under control and dealt with. We redesigned the pile system to make the sub terrain work happen faster so that reduced the de-watering costs as well. After instituting a comprehensive water proofing system and making sure that nothing was left to chance we achieved a completely dry building on the interior even though the building is currently sitting 6′ below the water line.