Central Harlem

92 Morningside Ave

Type: Residential

Alteration Type: Major Alterations

Architect: ND Architecture & Design P.C.

Use: Residential

After a furious blaze tore through this 48-unit building in 2002, stabilizing the building was thought to be impossible. Every attempt to rehabilitate it met with surrender and for over ten years, the 19th century icon sat dormant.

Few things get us more fired up than hearing “it can’t be done.” Reviving 92 Morningside brought out the best in our team’s ambition, optimism and creativity. As the structure resisted typical methods of shoring, we devised an original way to stabilize it. One by one, we reconstructed each of the floor decks and then had the audacity to add three stories above the structure—all without affecting the beautifully detailed exterior. Together with Renaissance Realty, we successfully revived Morningside as a new high-end residential building that is once more the pride of its storied neighborhood.
“Behind its majestic shell, all seven stories of this historic building had imploded in a six-alarm fire”